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2018/19 ICT & Computing Curriculum Audit for ways forward

A CLC consultant comes to your school for a day as a critical friend and investigates where your school is regarding the computing curriculum and creative use of ICT in teaching and learning. A report is produced that outlines the schools strengths, weaknesses and ways forward to help plan a strategic vision for the use of ICT in your school.


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Nothing has to be produced from scratch for the day but it is beneficial to view medium plans for all year groups and any school development plans (SIP/SEF/ICT Mark) which specifically reference ICT.
We also look at any data on ICT spend or budgets. It helps if we can get logged on to the network to look at plans and documents.
Samples of pupils ICT work, if available is helpful – again it is not expected for them to be specially prepared but we can look through pupil network folders if this is acceptable with the school. It would be useful if I could get some time with the lead ICT lead and / or technician at some point in the day whenever is convenient.
During the morning the consultant will pop into classes to see what is going on. If you would like comments on and provide specific feedback on ICT teaching then it would be useful if a few teachers could be primed to be using ICT in their lessons.  If you would rather just gain a snapshot of an average days teaching and how teachers utilise ICT as a matter of course then please don’t get teachers to prepare specific activities. I can then provide an honest appraisal of how far ICT has been integrated into their teaching practice. I would normally be focussing on how the IWB’s are being used but will also keep an eye out for other peripherals being used (camera’s etc.) 

An online survey is delivered for as many staff as possible to take – it is to provide an overview of staff ICT capabilities and confidence with a view to targeting CPD and can be taken anonymously. The best is usually if 15 minutes of a staff meeting could be dedicated to completing this in the ICT suite as it ensures the highest uptake but obviously staff can take it in their own time if preferable. It works well on smartphones too.

A written report is then compiled using all the data  which you will receive approximately one week after the onsite audit. 

Service: Wandsworth City Learning Centre