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2018/19 Bronze Level - 6 Day support package entitlement

Bronze Level - 6 Day support package entitlement


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A bespoke package of time entitlement (6 DAYS) to be used when and how you choose. A CLC team member will discuss with you / ICT Co-ordinator how best you wish to utilise your expert computing curriculum support. It can be week / day or session blocks of time spread out over the year, or concentrated at certain selected time. Your needs will drive how and when your time is delivered, and can include;

 - Whole School Staff, Governor and / or parent CPD INSET (Computing, Creative use of ICT, iPads,Programming, coding, E-Safety, Film making, Digital literacy...)

 - Demonstration and team-teaching sessions with CLC staff in YOUR classrooms across ALL key stages with CLC equipment (eg iPads, LEGO NXT & EV3, Spheros..) For you to 'Try before you Buy!'

 - Curriculum re-modelling advice and production. Support and signposting where computing requirements can be delivered in your schools schemes and overall vision.

 - Full school & staff ICT audit and inspection preparation.

 - Specific coding, gaming and programming projects.

 - Mobile device procurement, set-up, deployment and management.

 - Generating digital showcase materials and displays for open days and showcase calendar events.

Service: Wandsworth City Learning Centre