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Alex Purssey
020 8675 5501

Wandsworth City Learning Centre

Overview Wandsworth CLC offers specialist computing and creative media teaching, training and management into your school. From desktops to iPads & mobiles the CLC offers computing curriculum and technology solutions for schools UK-wide. The CLC has a long-established reputation for delivering high quality, tailored programmes of specific curriculum support. The service delivers high quality advice and training to facilitate and develop innovative teaching and learning using new and emerging technologies.
Benefits:   Supporting your school with the NEW computing curriculum and ALL things ICT

Access to skilled, highly trained media industry experts & curriculum consultants from a National Network of recognised proficiency. Access to a modern, well equipped business learning environment with 3 digital class rooms.
  • Access to specialist equipment, new innovative hardware and resources through planned & managed collaborative programmes. Access to use mobile classroom on your school site.
  • Access to outstanding CPD & work force development training for the effective and creative use of ICT to enhance learning & teaching across your institution
  • A flexible service with bespoke offer to meet your schools unique individual curriculum and ICT requirements.
  • A ‘One-stop-shop’ to support your schools needs regarding anything ICT – technical, infrastructure, procurement & curriculum.
Buy into as much time as you need and Top-Up as and when required!

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