About The Gap

Meets every Friday, 6-8pm
in the Clapham Junction area.  Please note we do not advertise our address in order to help our group feel safe. For details of our venue please get in touch!

The GAP Youth Club offers a safe, social space for LGBTQ+ young people to meet up, providing:

  • access to group activities and workshops
  • 1:1 support and advice

The Gap is delivered in partnership between Wandsworth Council Youth Service and Free2B Alliance:

The team

  • Lucie  
  • Nicki
  • Emily


  • Alexis
  • Andrea 
  • Amish
  • Callum  
  • Izzy
  • Stephen
  • Carlene: Art therapist
    • Siobhan: Emotional Wellbeing  Advisor

Gapsters N2T

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new junior club for 9-13 year olds.
Meets every Friday 4-5:30pm
in the Clapham Junction area. 
Due ot the age range, parental consent to attend is mandatory.

Please note we do not advertise our address in order to help our group feel safe. For details of our venue please get in touch!

What goes on at The Gap?

We have all the youth club equipment that you'd want at The Gap: Pool tables, table tennis, table football and we also have a Wii with some hectic, loud and fun games! As well as a DVD player if we’re in the mood for a film night.

Some weeks we have a themed activity such as a team building challenge and other weeks all the games are in use with some members getting involved and others choosing just to sit back, relax and enjoy the entertainment.

We also run workshops and activities based on what our members have asked for: we’ve had a self defence lesson, sex and relationship information, debate nights, guest speakers and fancy dress nights.

We always welcome suggestions from our members, so if you have a hobby or interest that you think other members would enjoy too, just let us know and we’ll do our best to deliver! 


Comments from Gap members and parents


It might seem a little over dramatic or cliché, but the GAP really did change my life, the people, the support, the friendly place to just unwind and forget about everything else going on in your life, to think that I may not have met the people I’ve met and got the support that I really needed, and I’m not the only one who feels this way!

Its safe and it’s a fun place and the people are nice & friendly

Its changed my life way too much to put into words, I don’t think even the volunteers realize how much they are changing peoples lives and the amount they are moulding us into such better, healthier (both physically and mentally), people! Thank you!

Thank you for being such a star
Our daughter has already found the Gap really great
She so enjoyed last week: the activities but mostly just hanging out with others!

Sincerely, we are grateful to you and your team and all the youngsters at the Gap for making our daughter feel so welcome and for giving her the opportunity to feel part of something with which she can really identify.

Contact us

Contact us by phone, text or email:

Email: nicki@free2b-alliance.org.uk

Mobile: 07884 425 408

Upcoming sessions 2019

  • 21st June: Celebrating Gap's 9th Birthday!
  • 28th June: LGBT history - Stonewall riots
  • 5th July: Team challenge
  • 12th July: Pride workshop
  • 19th July: Monthly Art Therapy
  • 26th July: Wellbeing
  • 2nd Aug: Assertiveness
  • 9th Aug: Team challenge
  • 16th Aug: Monthly Art Therapy
  • 23rd Aug: SEN awareness
  • 30th Aug: Games night

Useful Links

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Group & 1:1 support for LGBTQ+ young people and parents in London as well as awareness training for organisations

It Gets Better


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Genered Intelligence


Group & 1:1 support for Trans young people, plus training and advice for organisations



Family and individual support for young people with gender identity issues

Albert Kennedy Trust


Supporting young homeless LGBT people

The Well Centre


A confidential drop-in youth health centre with counsellors, GPs and health staff (includes LGBT info)

FFLAG: Family & Friends of Lesbians & Gays


A support organisation for family and friends


A support organisation for LGBT Muslims which provides counselling, advice and guidance 


Text 89868 for free and confidential sex and relationship advice available 24 hours a day 7 days a week 

Getting It On

Sexual health, drugs & alcohol advice for teenagers with LGBTq specific information 

Domestic Violence victim support